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3 Key Symptoms of ADHD

Blog 1 Impulsivity

Kids with poor impulse control can be impatient and insistent. They often interrupt people and have trouble censoring their words and emotions. They might engage in risky behavior because they don’t plan ahead or consider the consequences of their actions. If your child has this symptom, her brain might not be effectively using the neurotransmitter chemical dopamine, which stimulates the portion of the brain responsible for maintaining focus and regulating behavior.


Inattention is a hallmark sign of ADHD. Kids with this issue often can’t focus their attention on something, even when they’re trying. They might have trouble following directions because they miss key pieces of information. They might also get tired easily from trying so hard to pay attention, lose their train of thought and make mistakes. They may seem “spacey,” forgetful or scattered. Sometimes kids who show this symptom are mistaken for just being bored.


Distractibility is sometimes confused with inattention. But there’s a difference between not being focused on a task (inattention) and getting distracted by information your brain struggles to filter out (distractibility). With ADHD, anything kids see, hear or feel—such as an itch—could distract them. This can make them lose focus on the conversation they’re having or the task they’re supposed to be completing.

What can I do?

We have a  tool called FOCUS. It is a computerized measurement of “Attentional Control”, i.e. an individual’s capacity to choose what to pay attention to and what to ignore. Attentional control is the ability to remain focused on goal-relevant stimuli and information in the presence of potentially interfering distractions (visual and auditory).  FOCUS tests, administered by our certified professionals, can help pinpoint areas of weakness in a client’s Attentional control. Furthermore, we can use that information to help customize their Play Attention plan. The FOCUS assessment in conjunction with the Play Attention suite, brings structured practice of Attentional control, behaviour shaping, and neurofeedback technology comfortably within your family’s reach

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