About us

It is a terrible shock to most parents when a child is diagnosed with ADHD or any other learning disorder. For us it was the same when Henré, our eldest, was evaluated for the first time. Funnily enough, we did not pick it up ourselves until he was around five or six years old. This was especially hard for me since I have never struggled at school and was a pretty good athlete too. Having a son with a learning disability was not something I even imagined possible. But God has a wonderful way to teach us and to bring us back to earth.

At the time I was already involved in the supplement industry for more than 10 years so I knew where to find information on diet and supplements that could benefit Henré. Fortunately we were blessed to have a very good paediatrician in Dr Griessel, who prescribed a very low dosage of Ritalin to initially help him.  The doctor mentioned that our son might have to attend some form of special school and that he might not be able to cope with a ‘normal’ school. That came as an even bigger shock and we went out of our way to find alternative and supportive forms of training to help our son. This is when Bio-Feedback training crossed our path and we immediately saw the potential of helping our son.

Being a scientist, I naturally conducted thorough research of HEG Bio-Feedback and the treatment of various neurological disorders with this technique before allowing my son to start with it. What I found was that HEG Bio-Feedback is totally safe and effective. A few years later our paths crossed with Play Attention, a true leader in the field of EEG neurofeedback technology. Play Attention The rest is history.  With our unique combination that no-one else can give, BioLink is leading the way in providing a safe alternative and supportive treatment with individuals with ADHD

Personally, we found that Henré’s sleeping patterns improved after about 15 sessions and he could keep his concentration levels ‘switched on’ for longer periods after 10 sessions. He is still improving every week!  As an Asperger’s child he has been medication free for three years now (since 2010).  More excitingly for us, we test him regularly and there is no fall back!  We know that many studies say this, but I had to check…  Henré is in a main stream school and performing above average.

For me personally, I really enjoyed the fact that we could measure Henré’s improvement scientifically with a Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA). This is a well-recognised computerised, psychometric test that originated in the USA and is used in many, many studies on learning disabilities. It provides parents with an ADHD score, which cannot be altered by the trainer – in other words no-one can lie to you – before or after a series of sessions.

At Bio-Link we do not advise against medication where it is necessary and when prescribed by a qualified paediatrician or specialist in the field of ADHD, but we do provide an alternative, supportive option that will help with increased concentration and focus, but more importantly, help children to build self-confidence through our Bio-Feedback exercises. In order to create an environment of positive growth, Bio-Link also provides parents and teachers with information on diets, supplements, building self-confidence, ideas for the class room, etc. This approach combines all those involved in a team that can deal more effectively with this disorder with the child the eventual winner.