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Can Neurotechnology Make You Smarter?

Attend this special webinar on June 21st at 17:00 PM South African Standard Time (11:00 AM ET)

Join Peter Freer, Play Attention's founder and CEO, as he explores the exciting area of Neurotechnology.  Neurotechnology, the ability to monitor the brain's activity, promises the ability to hone the brain, to increase its capacity to pay attention, achieve peak performance, meditate, reduce stress, and improve sleep. But can Neurotechnology make us smarter?

Learn about our host, Peter Freer:

peterFreerPeter Freer, MEd, is a former educator. He created Play Attention, an interactive neurocognitive learning system that is the most widely used educational neuroscience program for ADHD students globally. Play Attention has three randomized, controlled studies performed by Tufts University School of Medicine. All have outstanding results and have been published in three peer-reviewed journals.

His contributions to the field of neuroscience have garnered 5 patents with others pending. He has lectured on behalf of NASA at the National Space Society and lectured at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. Freer is a co-author of a white paper on human performance with the International Atomic Energy Agency of the United Nations.

He has created and patented body based brain monitoring which has been rated #1 by Frost & Sullivan in 2015 for "New Product Innovation" in the Global Cognitive Biosensors in ADAS for Automotive Market. His team is currently working with the automotive and consumer electronics industries to integrate the technology automobiles to monitor driver distraction and drowsiness consumer wearables.

He's appeared twice on Good Morning America, been featured in TIME magazine, Popular Science, Investors Business Daily, Associated Press, Delta Sky Magazine, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, NY Times online, Psychology Today, Globe and Mail, Daily Mail, Science Daily, WebMD, NASA Spinoff magazine, and other media.

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