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The Relationship Between ADHD, Executive Function & Academic Success

Our Executive Functions represent a plethora of mental functions which control our logical reasoning, strategy, planning/organization, problem-solving, and hypothetical-deductive reasoning skills. These functions are often impaired in ADHD children and adults. For example, planning helps us formulate an action plan and define and organize our priorities to solve a problem or complete an activity. The control of these functions is critical to our everyday lives, school, work, and home. Here’s a simple example; the teacher assigns homework, and the child cannot formulate a plan to start, complete, and then turn it in. Sound familiar?

Cognitive Functions support executive Functions.

Attend our webinar and learn:

  • The relationship between ADHD, executive function & academic success
  • The eight key executive functions that lead to academic success
  • How the Biolink Attention Training program can strengthen executive function

We know your time is valuable. We will keep the webinar short but still get you all the info you need!

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Time: Feb 6, 2019 7:00 pm

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