Biolink Attention Training has been building sustainable businesses for more than a decade. We believe every child deserves the chance for a bright future, and every parent deserves the opportunity to see their child thrive. Our goal is to change the lives of individuals who struggle with academic, social, attention, memory, and behaviour challenges; to name but a few.   Our Patented technology integrates feedback technology with cognitive skills training and behaviour shaping. It is designed to strengthen weak underlying cognitive skills (attention, memory, perception, processing speed, logic, reasoning) and improve executive function skills (impulse control, emotional control, flexible thinking, working memory, self-monitoring, planning, prioritising, task initiation, organisation). Improving these skills helps children to focus their attention, process information faster, remember instructions and juggle tasks. It will reduce academic struggles and anxiety.   With an ever-widening demographic of children that struggle, you can build a sustainable business in a growing market, even in a challenging economic environment.