We are the ONLY company that can offer you ALL the following services.


Our assessment can scientifically provide you with answers regarding your child’s ability to pay attention, their processing speed, impulse control, and their ability to filter visual and auditory distractions. The results are objective, excluding any bias.

Neurocognitive training program

Our Neurocognitive exercises have been scientifically proven to statistically improve cognitive & executive functions skills. We are the exclusive license holders of this NASA inspired technology, and we are therefore the only company out there that can offer you this training program.

Audio Lab

Our program that improves and teaches active listening skills and comprehension. (Exclusively available at our centres)

Academic Transfer Lab

Our program that teaches the student how to transfer the skills learned to real-life situations. (Exclusively available at our centres)

Sheer Genius

Our program is 100% customised and individualised according to each child’s strengths and weaknesses. No one-size-fits-all nonsense.

Training & Support

We offer training and support to parents and teachers through our unique workshops and our live webinars.